1. 1. How can I deposit money to the account?

  2. All available deposit options are listed on the TRADING > Payments > Deposits & Withdrawals page on the company's website.
    You can get more detailed information in FXOpen Help Center.

  3. 2. What is the fastest deposit option?

  4. E-currency deposits (WebMoney, Epay, Bitcoin, etc.), payments via top-up cards and instant banking services are processed instantly within a few minutes. Wire transfer deposits can take 3-5 working days. If you made your deposit, but the money was not credited, please fill in the Notice About Payment form (see the question 5).

  5. 3. Can I fund my FXOpen account using different payment systems?

  6. We strongly advise to use the same payment method to deposit and to withdraw. If you use multiple deposit methods, you can withdraw the amount you added from each system back to this system. Then you can withdraw the profit into the payment system that was used to make the largest deposit.
    Remember, we are not an exchanger place, so we recommend to use only 1 payment method per account.
  7. Example:
  8. Deposits: $50.00 Skrill, $40.00 WebMoney, $200.00 Wire Transfer.
    Withdrawals: $50.00 Skrill, $40.00 WebMoney, $200.00 Wire Transfer.
    Profit can also be withdrawn by Wire Transfer (deposit via this option was the largest).

  9. 4. I type the deposit amount in the Client Portal but see an error message.

  10. Please type only the value of your deposit. Do not use the «$» symbol or any other: 40 (40.00) – right, $40 or 40$ – wrong.
    Remember that minimum deposit is USD 1.00 (EUR 1.00, RUB 1.00) unless otherwise required.

  11. 5. I made a deposit, but it was not credited to my account.

  12. Select Add Funds in the Client Portal menu, select the payment method used for deposit, click the notification form link and fill in the notification form.

  13. 6. How can I transfer money to my trading accounts?

  14. You can transfer funds from your Main account to one of your trading accounts. Use Transfer → Internal Transfer in the Client Portal menu.
    Transfer of funds will take a few seconds. No need for transaction approval from financial department of the company.
    Learn more about How to transfer funds to trading accounts.

  15. 7. Can I transfer money between my trading accounts?

  16. Yes. The money will be transferred within 24-48 hours. No fee for Internal transfers.
    Learn more about Transferring funds between trading accounts.

  17. 8. Can I transfer money to another FXOpen Trader’s account?

  18. Yes, you can transfer funds from your FXOpen Main account to another Trader’s Main account using External transfer.
    After you click Confirm, your transfer request will be put into queue and processed by the financial department within 48 hours.
    Learn more about External transfers.
  19. Available to clients of FXOpen AU and FXOpen Markets only.

  20. 9. How to transfer funds between your Main account currency pockets?

  21. If you need to transfer funds from one currency pocket to another, please use the Transfer → Currency exchange option in the Client Portal.
    Exchange between Main account currency pockets usually takes a few seconds.
    Learn more about FXOpen multicurrency Main account.

  22. 10. Where can I find FXOpen details for a bank wire transfer?

  23. Please log in to FXOpen, select Add Funds → Wire Transfer, you will see our bank details there. Wire transfer deposits usually take up to 3-5 working days before the money is added to your FXOpen account.

  24. 11. I made a Wire Transfer deposit (more than 5 days ago) and the money is not in my FXOpen account. What has happened?

  25. Ask your bank to provide a SWIFT (telex) copy of the transaction and send it to the Customer Support (see ABOUT US > Contact Us > Customer Support section on the website). This document can help us to find your payment and add it to your account.

  26. 12. I have a formal WebMoney passport. Can I use it to fund my FXOpen account?

  27. Yes, you can.

  28. 13. What is a Batch code? (for Notices About Payments).

  29. Batch code (in the Notice about Payment through FasaPay, etc.) is the identification code of the transaction. As a rule you can look up this code in Payment History in your account opened with one of these systems.

  30. 14. What is a mass external payment?

  31. Mass transfer allows to make multiple payments to other traders' accounts using just one transferring form. Click Transfer → Mass Payment and fill in the form or upload a CSV file.
    Learn more about mass payment.
  32. Available to clients of FXOpen AU and FXOpen Markets only.

  33. 15. What is FXOpen top-up (pre-paid) card?

  34. FXOpen Prepaid (top-up) card is not the same as a Credit Card. You can buy an FXOpen prepaid card from FXOpen representatives in Asia and use it for deposits. Visit the forum for more information and use our knowledge base.
Available to clients of FXOpen Markets only.

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