FXOpen Prepaid Voucher creation

FXOpen Prepaid Voucher creation

How to request FXOpen Prepaid Voucher

To request a withdrawal to a prepaid voucher:

  1. Select Withdraw Funds → FXOpen Prepaid Voucher in the Client Portal menu.

    Current transaction fees are available on the Fees page.
  2. Fill in the form:

    • Amount: Enter the amount you want to withdraw and select the currency pocket.
    • Currency: Select the currency in which you want to withdraw.
  3. Confirm the withdrawal in 2 steps:

  4. Click Create Voucher.

    Our Finance Department will process your withdrawal request during 1 day. Withdrawal requests placed on weekends will be processed on Monday.

  5. After your request is approved, a prepaid voucher will be generated. All the requested vouchers are shown under the withdrawal form.

    If you need further assistance, please contact us using ABOUT US > Contact us details on the official website.


How to cancel a pending request

If your withdrawal request has not yet been processed, you can cancel it.

Click your Main account number on the left of the Client Portal, find the transaction in the Account Operations/History tab and then click Cancel. 

How to check the transaction status

Click your Main account number on the left of the Client Portal.

The transaction status is shown on the Account Operations/History tab.

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