Redeemable Voucher

Redeemable Voucher

About Redeemable Voucher

You can make deposits via Redeemable Vouchers. Prepaid Vouchers are generated payment vouchers of any face value.

You can request prepaid vouchers  in the Client Portal. 

How to make a deposit via Redeemable Voucher

To make a deposit via Redeemable Voucher:

  1. Select Add Funds → Redeem Voucher in the Client Portal.

  2. Fill in the form:

    • Account: Select the account to which you want to make a deposit.
    • Currency: For eWallet, select the currency pocket.
    • Code: Enter the voucher code.

    Click Request.

  3. If the voucher code is correct, FXOpen will credit your account with an amount equivalent to the face value of the voucher.

You can withdraw money deposited via Redeemable Voucher to any payment system available in the Client Portal.

Current transaction fees are available on the Fees page.

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