FAQ: Partnership

A referral link is a link to the FXOpen website with a unique agent ID that is used to attract new clients to the company.

To generate a referral link, select Partnership → Text links in the Client Portal.

You can generate a steady stream of additional income by referring new clients to FXOpen. A user who registers an account under your referral link becomes your referral. Your partner commission depends on the trading activity of your referrals.

2. How much can I earn from each referral?

Learn more about the terms of the Partnership Program.

3. Where can I see the list of my referrals?

You can find the list of your referrals in Partnership → Referrals in the Client Portal.

You can advertise your referral link in any way: on your personal website, forums, blogs, private messages, etc.

Yes, but there are some restrictions you should take into account (see the question 6).

No. Any coincidence in NameAddressPhone number, etc. shall be regarded as attempted churning, i.e. unethical practice employed by some traders to increase their commissions by excessively trading in a client's account.

7. Will FXOpen block my accounts if I am caught violating the Partnership Program rules?

No. Simulated accounts will be removed from the list of your referrals, as well as the commission transferred from these accounts. Only the fact that you keep violating the rules repeatedly may result in blocking your real and simulated accounts.

If in the case of checking your commission remuneration is revealed to be the result of trading with bonus funds, then such a remuneration may be rejected as a result of violation of the company's bonus and referral programs. 

Available to clients of FXOpen UK and FXOpen Markets only.

Updated: 2 months ago