How to generate a referral link

To attract new referrals, generate a referral link. You can place the link on your personal website, in a blog, insert it in your forum signature, or advertise it in any other way.

  1. Click Partnership → Text links in the Client Portal.

  2. Customize your referral link:

    • Account:  Select your Agent’s account (Main or a trading account) from the list.
    • URL: Enter the URL address of the page to which your referral link will lead.
    • Agent Code: Enter your own agent code or leave the field blank (Agent's account will be set by default). The agent code will be implemented into the URL (Standard link) shown to users.
    • Text: Enter the text of your referral link. This text will appear on hovering the mouse over the link.
    • Link: URL address of your agent link which consists of URL + Agent code.
      • Hidden Link: Use a hidden link if you do not want to show your Agent code to users. 
      • Standard Link: The URL of the page is displayed when the user point to the link. 

A user, who uses your referral link and indicates your Agent code (e.g. from the image above: XX62FXPNXXG852821XXXX) while opening a trading account, becomes your referral.
An Agent can see all the followers on the Partnership → Referrals page in the Client Portal.

Available to clients of FXOpen UK and FXOpen Markets only.

Updated: 6 months ago