About FXOpen TickTrader mobile terminal

About FXOpen TickTrader mobile terminal

System requirements: Available on devices running Android 7.0 or later. Download size: 20 MB.

System requirements: Available on devices running iOS 12.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and macOS. Download size: 101 MB.

FXOpen TickTrader is a free application for mobile Forex and Bitcoin Exchange trading via the Internet. FXOpen TickTrader offers real-time market data, including pricing and charts, for all new and existing FXOpen customers. A trader can easily and quickly receive the latest economic and financial news, currency rates, charts and other analytics online. With FXOpen TickTrader terminal, you can analyze the situation on the Forex market using built-in indicators. If you have a mobile device with Internet access, you can manage your accounts and immediately open orders wherever you are.

The terminal supports TickTrader ECN and FX/Crypto trading accounts. With the application, you can see current quotes with the Depth of Market data (L2), open trades using market and pending orders, track trading account balance, download trade history reports and historical prices, and perform many other actions.

FXOpen TickTrader features include:

  • TickTrader ECN Demo/Live trading accounts
  • Live quotes (100+ symbols) with Depth of Market (L2)
  • Market and Pending orders, Order strategies
  • Real-time tracking of your account, assets, orders, and positions
  • Trade history logs and historical prices
  • Live interactive symbol charts
  • Tools for technical analysis (30+ indicators)
  • Different types of alerts and notification methods
  • FXOpen company and market news, economic calendar 
  • Automatic and manual updates

Install the mobile terminal today and be the first to learn about new features that will be implemented in the near future.

If you have any questions, contact our Customer Support service.

How do I get started?
  1. Download FXOpen TickTrader on your mobile device running OS Android (Huawei) or iOS.

  2. Open a TickTrader ECN trading account.

  3. Log in to the terminal and start trading.  

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