Log in to FXOpen TickTrader mobile terminal

Log in to FXOpen TickTrader mobile terminal

The screens in this article are based on the iOS operating system. Android screens may differ slightly.

A user can log in to their Main account or TickTrader trading account on the application Login page.
There are two tabs to manage the login procedure in the mobile application.
  • Main Account: Login to the user's Main account and access to all the trading accounts linked to the Main account.
  • TickTrader: Login to the user's Ticktrader trading account. 

Login to the Main account

Login to the existing Main account

To start using TickTrader terminal you need to connect it with your Main account. 
You can log in the mobile application using the Main account credentials or validating the QR code in the Main account web version (FXOpen Client Portal).

  • Scan QR code: Log in to your Main account validating the QR code in the Client portal with your mobile app:
    • Log in to the Client Portal, where you've got a registered Main account.
    • Go to the  Settings → Security → Authentication Methods page.
    • Click Add New Device button in the 'Link your app' section.
    • Tap Scan QR code in your mobile app and find the QR on the 'Account Security' page in the Client Portal (FXOpen account web version).
      *If you cannot scan the QR code, click Having troubles scanning code in the Client Portal and copy the code. Then tap Scan QR code, open or use Access Code link. and enter the copied code manually in the 'Access Code' field.
  • Login by credentials: Log in to your Main account entering the details of an already open account:
    • Choose a broker: Select your Broker (address of the Client Portal).
    • Email: Enter your email registered with the Broker.
    • Password: Enter your Main account password.
Once you've logged in to your Main account, the mobile application will be connected to it and you will access the trading accounts. Select a trading account from the list.
Note! If you don't have a Live TickTrader ECN account, open it in the Client Portal.

New Main account

If you don't have a Broker's account, please tap Sign up / Open Account in the lower right corner and follow the Main account registration procedure.

New trading account 

A user can open a new trading account linked to their Main account.
To open a new trading account, do the following:
  • Demo: If you want to test the TickTrader app and trade with virtual money, use a Demo account.
    • Currency: Select a demo account currency.
    • Leverage: Select a leverage.
    • Balance: Select a demo balance (50,000 - 5,000,000)
  • Trading Account: If you are ready to trade real money, open a trading account.
    • Currency: Select a trading account currency.
    • Leverage: Select a leverage.

Main account switch

A user can switch between accounts registered with different Brokers.
On the Accounts screen tap Switch Main account. Once you tap the button and confirm the action, you will lose access to the trading accounts linked to the current Main account and you will need to connect TickTrader terminal with your Main account again to access your trading accounts.

Login to TickTrader

A user can log in to a TickTrader trading account using its login and password or by scanning the QR code.
  • Scan QR code: Log in 
    • Log in to the TickTrader Terminal. Select Tools → Share a QR code
    • Tap Scan QR code in your mobile app and find the QR in the Terminal.
      * You can also scan the QR code generated in the mobile app for Android. Open Accounts screen, select a trading account and swipe left. 
      Tap , scan the previously generated QR code of the trading account, and then tap Login.
  • Login by credentials: Log in to your TickTrader trading account entering the following data:
    • Server: Enter the server name or select it from the list.
    • Username: Enter your trading account number (login).
    • Password: Enter the trader's password. Tap and hold  to display the password text (works only on first login). When you release the button, the password is automatically hidden.
    • Select the Store credentials check box to save account details on the device. Tap Login.

Note: The list of trading accounts used to log in to the application is displayed on the Accounts → TickTrader screen. To go to this screen, open Menu and tap Accounts at the top of the screen.

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