About FXOpen Main account

How to open your Main account

To open your Main account, fill in the registration form.

Learn more about Main account registration.

Note: Main account is not a trading account. To open a trading account, select Add Account Account type in the Client Portal. Trading and Investments accounts are associated with your Main account.

Verification of Main account

Verification of Main account is required for:

  • Deposits 
  • Withdrawals
  • Transfers between accounts

To verify your Main account, select the account type and upload scanned copies of your identification documents. When the documents are approved, your Main account will be assigned a verification grade and will be fully set up for depositing and withdrawing. Learn more about verification.

How to use Main account

All financial transactions are performed in the Client Portal.

Main account is used for:

  • Withdrawals. You can withdraw from your FXOpen Main account (directly) and trading accounts (by means of automatic commission-free internal transfer). To withdraw funds from your Commission account, you need to make an internal transfer to Main account first.
  • Deposits. You can deposit to a trading account or Main account.
  • Transfers between accounts. You can transfer funds from Main account to a trading account and back. If account currencies do not match, the amount will be converted to another currency.
  • Exchange of currencies between subpocketsYour FXOpen Main account is multi-currency. When you open the Main account, it has one currency subpocket. Subpockets in other currencies are created automatically when you make a deposit or convert funds. You can perform exchange transactions between subpockets on your Main account using currency exchange service in the Client Portal. 

Operations history

To check or download operations history, click the Main account number on the left of the Client Portal.

Updated: 2 months ago