FXOpen TickTrader API

The FXOpen TickTrader Application Programming Interface (API) is the platform on which developers may build customized trading tools and interfaces to use with the FXOpen TickTrader. With APIs, you can:

  • Get detailed information about trading symbols, user accounts, and trade operations.
  • Carry out trade operations, including exchange transactions, order modification or cancellation.
  • Securely connect to TickTrader Server in order to get feed information (currencies, symbols).
  • Subscribe to real-time feed ticks.
  • Monitor the state of assets on the account.
  • Perform operations related to the account, such as getting account balance and history.
  • Fully automate your trading strategy.

FXOpen TickTrader offers the following range of APIs:

How to get TargetCompID, SenderCompID, username, password, address and port of FIX Server for Data Feed and Trading connections?

FIX API endpoints/credentials info (IPv4):

  • TickTrader Server addresses:
    • ttexchange.fxopen.net – Live TickTrader Server
  • Ports:
    • 5001 – Unsecured FIX Feed port
    • 5002 – Unsecured FIX Trade port
    • 5003 – SSL-secured FIX Feed port
    • 5004 – SSL-secured FIX Trade port
  • SenderCompID={GUID}, where GUID – any generated GUID/UUID (e.g. SenderCompID={F9493AED-0D0B-4633-8CD0-7450CD4D0CB5})
  • TargetCompID=EXECUTOR
    Note: TickTrader Server will reject any connections with the wrong TargetCompID. If you want to connect multiple FIX sessions at the same time, please provide a unique SenderCompID.
  • Username and password – login and password of the trading account residing on the corresponding TickTrader Server. These credentials are generated by TickTrader Server upon trading account registration.
We advise you to test all of your developments on the UAT (DEMO) environment risk free before you go Live.

Updated: 3 months ago