Your profile in the Client Portal

Your profile in the Client Portal

The Profile page displays a user personal details, information on eWallet and trading accounts, and notification settings.
It consists of the following tabs: Profile (Personal data), Experience (Finance information), and Information (Information on 
eWallet and trading accounts).


Full information about the account holder is displayed after completing the verification form.

You can enable the following options:

  • Subscribe to FXOpen news.
  • Choose whether you want to show your email address to referrals.
  • Choose whether you want to show your information to referrals.
  • Connect social accounts to your FXOpen account. 

Сlick Update to save the changes.


This tab contains information about the client's trading experience and finance information like client’s annual income, declared bankruptcy, commodity exchange membership, etc.


Here you can see information about eWallet and trading accounts.

How to change account leverage 

  1. In the Account list, select a trading account.
  2. In the Leverage list, select leverage (if available).
  3. Click Update.

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