widget is a page element with information about the trading account. The widget displays daily and monthly gain and drawdown. Large and medium-sized widgets also contain a total gain chart. You can publish widgets to any web page by adding the widget code to the web page code. Clicking on the widget redirects the user to a page with detailed information about the trading account. The information is updated daily at the end of the trading session.

The widget contains the following information about the trading account:

  • Trading account number
  • Total gain
  • Drawdown (maximum value)
  • Daily gain (for the last trading day)
  • Monthly gain (for the last month)
  • Last data update time

How to create a widget

  1. On the trading account page, in the Info section, click Get Widget.
  2. Select the widget color.
  3. Select the widget size.
    You can see your created widget in the Widget preview section.
  4. Click Generate code. The code will appear in the Widget generated code section.
  5. You can add the widget to your forum signature, publish it on your website, blog or anywhere across the web.

Updated: 9 months ago