Visitor statistics

To view statistics of clicks on your referral link, select Partnership → Visitors Statistics in the Client Portal.

The information on the page is displayed for the selected period.

  • Period: Period for which statistics are displayed.
  • Is Account Opened: Show only users who registered Main account.
  • Total visits: Total number of users who visited target pages by clicking your referral links.
  • Total registered accounts: Total number of users who registered Main account through your referral links.

Click parameters:

  • Date: Date and time of the click.
  • IP: User IP address.
  • Visited page: Target page visited by the user.
  • Referral page: Source page on which the link was placed.
  • Is Account Opened: This parameter shows whether the user registered Main account.

Click  Export  to save the data as a CSV file.

Available to clients of FXOpen UK and FXOpen Markets only.

Updated: 2 months ago