User Profile

User Profile

Personal User Profile 

You can log in to your Profile with ForexCup, using the login and password received during account registration at or 

  1. Click the Log in link at the upper right.

  2. Enter your e-mail and password for FXOpen eWallet.

  3. Click Log in.

    You can also log in with social network service (like Facebook, Google+, etc) if you passed the sign up procedure using one of these services, in that way you 'tied' your account to the chosen social network. 

  4. To enter your Profile, please click the Profile link.

Personal Profile 

‚ÄčLeftward there is personal information on your account, namely: eWallet, trading account for bonus loading and eWallet actual balance. Note, you can add/ change your profile image.

Settings and other account data are organized according to the menu, which contains the following tabs: StatisticsE-mail notificationsSettingsPersonal info.


The statistics includes information on a trader's results, his/her participation activity and personal ratings. This tab contains 4 informative tables:

  • Total statistics - this statistics shows a total number of wins/losses, total profit (%) and prize amount gained for the whole period of participation in competitions. 

  • Top-5 best competitions - a list of competitions where a trader showed his/her best results based on the total profit. 

  • Top-5 best trades - a list of the most profitable trades closed by a trader  for the whole period of participation in competitions.

  • My competitions - a list of competitions (available, active and past), to which a trader have joined.

E-mail notifications

Notifications - a list of notifications from ForexCup sent to a trader's e-mail. 

Select the notifications you want to receive regularly via e-mail and click Save


You can adjust the following profile parameters: 

  • Automatic subscription to Level 1 competitions. Activate this option if you want to be subscribed to all the future Level 1 (free) competitions automatically;
  • Trading account for profit loading. Check/change a trading account you wish the Profit Bonus to be transferred to.

To confirm the changes click Save.


Personal info

Here you can find the registration data of your account and adjust the 'Show me as' parameter. Select your name/ display name to be displayed in the list of participants and click Save.

If you forgot your e-mail or password to log in to Profile, check out the list of questions how to recover the credentials
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