In the MetaTrader 4 web terminal, you can place orders in one of the following ways:

  • In the New Order window
  • Using the One-Click Trading panel
  • Using the shortcut menu commands of the chart window

New Order window

  1. Open the New Order window in one of the following ways:

    • Click  on the toolbar.

    • Right-click anywhere in the Market Watch window, and then click New Order.

    • Right-click anywhere in the chart area, and then click Trading > New Order.

    • Right-click anywhere in the Trade tab of the Terminal window, and then click New Order.

  2. Select a symbol, set the order type and volume. You can also set the Stop Loss and Take Profit levels, add comments, or set the price deviation value.

  3. If you want to place a market order, click Sell or Buy.

  4. If you are placing a pending order, set the order type, volume, execution price, SL/TP levels, and expiration time. Click Place.

The Trade tab of the Terminal window displays the state of your account and open orders. Here you can close and delete open positions and modify pending orders.

The History tab of the Terminal window displays the list of closed positions for the set interval.

One-click Trading panel

One-Click Trading panel allows you to place market orders in a single click from the chart window. Before using the panel for the first time, accept the terms of the agreement. To display the panel, right-click the chart, and then select One Click Trading.

To place orders, set the order volume and click Buy or Sell.

Chart window

To place pending orders from the chart, right-click the chart on the desired price level and select Buy Limit / Sell Limit or Trading > Order type. The order type depends on whether you click above or below the current price level.

Updated: 7 months ago