STP account

Financial instruments:     FX Spot, Metals CFD
   Trading platforms:     MetaTrader 4
1 Lot

Contract Size

Min Trade
1 pip value
of 1 lot

Market Order 
Max  Slippage 
Max  Slippage
AUDCADAustralian Dollar vs Canadian Dollar100000 AUD0.01 Lot0.0151 CAD1%1%0.2%
AUDCHFAustralian Dollar vs Swiss Franc100000 AUD0.01 Lot0.0151 CHF2%2%0.2%
AUDJPYAustralian Dollar vs Japanese Yen100000 AUD0.01 Lot0.013100 JPY1%1%0.2%
AUDNZDAustralian Dollar vs New Zealand Dollar100000 AUD0.01 Lot0.0151 NZD1%1%0.2%
AUDUSDAustralian Dollar vs US Dollar100000 AUD0.01 Lot0.0151 USD1%1%0.2%
CADCHFCanadian Dollar vs Swiss Franc100000 CAD0.01 Lot0.0151 CHF2%2%0.2%
CADJPYCanadian Dollar vs Japanese Yen100000 CAD0.01 Lot0.013100 JPY1%1%0.2%
CHFJPYSwiss Franc vs Japanese Yen100000 CHF0.01 Lot0.013100 JPY1%1%0.2%
EURAUDEuro vs Australian Dollar100000 EUR0.01 Lot0.0151 AUD1%1%0.2%
EURCADEuro vs Canadian Dollar100000 EUR0.01 Lot0.0151 CAD1%1%0.2%
EURCHFEuro vs Swiss Franc100000 EUR0.01 Lot0.0151 CHF2%2%0.2%
EURDKKEuro vs Danish Kronor100000 EUR0.01 Lot0.0151 DKK2%2%1%
EURGBPEuro vs Great Britain Pound100000 EUR0.01 Lot0.0151 GBP2%2%0.2%
EURHKDEuro vs Hong Kong Dollar100000 EUR0.01 Lot0.0151 HKD1%1%0.2%
EURJPYEuro vs Japanese Yen100000 EUR0.01 Lot0.013100 JPY1%1%0.2%
EURNOKEuro vs Norwegian Krone100000 EUR0.01 Lot0.0151 NOK1%1%0.2%
EURNZDEuro vs New Zealand Dollar100000 EUR0.01 Lot0.0151 NZD1%1%0.2%
EURPLNEuro vs Polish Zloty100000 EUR0.01 Lot0.0151 PLN2%2%0.2%
EURSEKEuro vs Swedish Krona100000 EUR0.01 Lot0.0151 SEK1%1%0.2%
EURTRYEuro vs Turkish Lira100000 EUR0.01 Lot0.0151 TRY3%3%1%
EURUSDEuro vs US Dollar100000 EUR0.01 Lot0.0151 USD1%1%0.2%
GBPAUDGreat Britain Pound vs Australian Dollar100000 GBP0.01 Lot0.0151 AUD2%2%0.2%
GBPCADGreat Britain Pound vs Canadian Dollar100000 GBP0.01 Lot0.0151 CAD2%2%0.2%
GBPCHFGreat Britain Pound vs Swiss Franc100000 GBP0.01 Lot0.0151 CHF2%2%0.2%
GBPJPYGreat Britain Pound vs Japanese Yen100000 GBP0.01 Lot0.013100 JPY2%2%0.2%
GBPNZDGreat Britain Pound vs New Zealand Dollar100000 GBP0.01 Lot0.0151 NZD2%2%0.2%
GBPSGDGreat Britain Pound vs Singapore Dollar100000 GBP0.01 Lot0.0151 SGD2%2%0.2%
GBPUSDGreat Britain Pound vs US Dollar100000 GBP0.01 Lot0.0151 USD2%2%0.2%
HKDJPYHong Kong Dollar vs Japanese Yen100000 HKD0.01 Lot0.013100 JPY1%1%0.2%
NOKJPYNorwegian Krone vs Japanese Yen100000 NOK0.01 Lot0.013100 JPY1%1%0.2%
NOKSEKNorwegian Krone vs Swedish Krone100000 NOK0.01 Lot0.0151 SEK1%1%0.2%
NZDCADNew Zealand Dollar vs Canadian Dollar100000 NZD0.01 Lot0.0151 CAD1%1%0.2%
NZDCHFNew Zealand Dollar vs Swiss Franc100000 NZD0.01 Lot0.0151 CHF2%2%0.2%
NZDJPYNew Zealand Dollar vs Japanese Yen100000 NZD0.01 Lot0.013100 JPY1%1%0.2%
NZDSGDNew Zealand Dollar vs Singapore Dollar100000 NZD0.01 Lot0.0151 SGD2%2%0.2%
NZDUSDNew Zealand Dollar vs US Dollar100000 NZD0.01 Lot0.0151 USD1%1%0.2%
SGDJPYSingapore Dollar vs Japanese Yen100000 SGD0.01 Lot0.013100 JPY1%1%0.2%
USDCADUS Dollar vs Canadian Dollar100000 USD0.01 Lot0.0151 CAD1%1%0.2%
USDCHFUS Dollar vs Swiss Franc100000 USD0.01 Lot0.0151 CHF2%2%0.2%
USDCNHUS Dollar vs Chinese Offshore Yuan100000 USD0.01 Lot0.01410 CNH2%2%0.2%
USDDKKUS Dollar vs Danish Kronor100000 USD0.01 Lot0.0151 DKK2%2%0.2%
USDHKDUS Dollar vs Hong Kong Dollar100000 USD0.01 Lot0.0151 HKD1%1%1%
USDJPYUS Dollar vs Japanese Yen100000 USD0.01 Lot0.013100 JPY1%1%0.2%
USDMXNUS Dollar vs Mexican Peso100000 USD0.01 Lot0.0151 MXN3%3%0.2%
USDNOKUS Dollar vs Norwegian Krone100000 USD0.01 Lot0.0151 NOK1%1%0.2%
USDPLNUS Dollar vs Polish Zloty100000 USD0.01 Lot0.0151 PLN2%2%0.2%
USDRUBUS Dollar vs Russian Ruble100000 USD0.01 Lot0.01410 RUB4%4%0.2%
USDSEKUS Dollar vs Swedish Krona100000 USD0.01 Lot0.0151 SEK1%1%0.2%
USDSGDUS Dollar vs Singapore Dollar100000 USD0.01 Lot0.0151 SGD1%1%0.2%
USDTRYUS Dollar vs Turkish Lira100000 USD0.01 Lot0.0151 TRY3%3%1%
XAUUSDGOLD vs US Dollar100 troy oz0.01 Lot0.0121 USD2%2%0.2%
XAGUSDSILVER vs US Dollar5000 troy oz0.01 Lot0.0135 USD4%4%0.2%

* Margin requirements valid for 1:500 leverage.

Due to daily rollover procedures, carried out by our liquidity providers, you may experience higher spreads and lower liquidity for all FX Spot instruments between 00:00 and 00:05 FXOpen Server time and Metals CFD between 00:00 and 01:00 FXOpen Server time.

Leverage is the same for all the financial instruments on STP account, including Gold and Silver.

Updated: 4 months ago