Referral Program Commissions for PAMM accounts

If your client becomes a Manager or Investor of a PAMM account you will receive (depending on your client's account type):

  • 2,4 pips from every closed trade (PAMM STP account);


  • 15% of ECN commission (PAMM ECN account).

For detailed information see Partner's remuneration.

Also you get commission from trades performed by the Manager of that PAMM account. In this case the commission amount depends on your client`s share in the PAMM account.

Example for PAMM ECN account:

• Agent 1 referred the Investor 1
• Agent 2 referred the Manager


The Investor 1 invested $25,000, i.e. 50% of the total capital of the PAMM ECN account;

The Manager invested $10,000 which is 20%.

To calculate the commission rate for the Agent we have to divide the client`s share by the total capital of the PAMM account.

The amount of the commission is calculated as follows:

(15 % of FXOpen ECN commission) × Commission rate

ECN commission of the performed trade is USD 4.65.

According to that,

To view all the commissions transferred to the Agent's account is possible via Partnership → Commission in the Client Portal.

A commission is transferred to the Agent's account automatically each day.

Available to clients of FXOpen Markets only.

Updated: 6 months ago