Prices and Spreads

Prices and Spreads

ECN prices

ECN accounts have 5th decimal pricing (0.12345). 1 pip with 0.1 lot (10,000 base currency) is equal to approx. $0.1 (10 US Cents).

Spreads in ECN accounts

ECN environments more appropriately use the word difference instead of spread. Difference or DAB refers to the difference between the best BID and the best Offer (ASK). DAB is variable and not fixed and depends on the buy and sell orders available on the Marketplace.

FXOpen provides True ECN pricing which means that you will see the best BID and best Offer (ASK) as they appear from our clients and other Liquidity Providers who participate in our ECN liquidity pool. FXOpen does not manipulate or add any pips to the BID or ASK. On the average, you can expect ECN DAB to be considerably lower than fixed spreads in Market-Maker (Micro) accounts. The minimum DAB possible for all financial instruments in ECN is 0 pips.

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