Price quotation and spread

Price quotation and spread

STP quotation

STP accounts have 5th decimal pricing (0.12345). 

Available Liquidity provided by the Counterparties is displayed in Quote Flow window of the Market depth monitoring application. Market depth level 2 includes the following additional information:

  • Highest Bid prices: the highest prices that traders are willing to accept to sell.
  • Bid Volumes: the amount in Millions that are available at each of the highest Bid prices.  
  • Lowest Ask prices: the lowest prices that traders are willing to accept to buy.
  • Ask Volumes: the amount in Millions that are available at each of the prices.

Spread on STP 

 In STP accounts the broker's trading commission is included into the spread. STP spreads are variable and depend on the buy and sell orders available in FXOpen ECN.

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