The screens in this article are based on the Android operating system. iOS screens may differ slightly.

Portfolio provides an overview of all your assets and pending orders. Here you can:

  • Track the balance of assets on your trading account on the Assets tab.
  • View, edit, and delete pending orders on the Orders tab.


You can see the list of assets on your trading account on the Assets tab. The total, available and locked volume is displayed for each asset.

If an asset is involved in a pending order, an arrow  is displayed on the right side of the asset line. Tap the asset to go to the Orders tab, where you can see pending orders involving the asset.

Sort assets

To sort assets on the Assets tab, tap Sort :

  • Sort by Asset: Sort assets by asset name.
  • Sort by Asset Volume: Sort assets by the total asset volume.
  • Sort by Available Volume: Sort assets by available asset volume.
  • Sort by Locked Volume: Sort assets by locked asset volume.

Tip: To change the sort order from ascending  to descending  and vice versa, tap the filter name.


Order grouping by symbol

On the Orders tab, orders are grouped by symbol. You can see the following information on each symbol:

  • Trading symbol
  • Order side: Buy and/or Sell
  • Number of orders for each side
  • Total volume of orders for each side
  • Locked volume of assets (in landscape mode)

Sort symbols

To sort symbols, tap Sort :

  • Sort by Symbol: Sort symbols by symbol name.
  • Sort by Number of Orders: Sort symbols by the number of orders opened for this symbol.
  • Sort by Volume of Orders: Sort symbols by the total volume of orders opened for this symbol.

Order list

To view the list of orders for a symbol, tap the symbol line. You will see the current Bid and Ask prices and an order list that contains the following details: order type, lot size, requested order execution price, asset locked volume, and distance in points.

Tap Back to go to the list of symbols.

Sort orders

You can sort orders by tapping Sort :

  • Sort by Order ID: Sort orders by order ID.
  • Sort by Modification Time: Sort orders by the time when the order was modified.
  • Sort by Order Type: Sort orders by order type.
  • Sort by Price: Sort orders by the requested order execution price.
  • Sort by Asset I Volume: Sort orders by volume of base currency (the first asset in the symbol).
  • Sort by Asset II Volume: Sort orders by volume of quote currency (the second asset in the symbol).
  • Sort by Locked Volume: Sort orders by locked asset volume.
  • Sort by Commission: Sort orders by commission amount.

Order parameters

To go to the Order parameters screen, select an order by tapping the order line.

Order details include:

  • Order ID: Operation ticket number.
  • Order created: Time when the order was created.
  • Order modified: Time when the order was modified.
  • Order price: Requested order execution price.
  • Commission: Commission charged for the execution of order.
  • Locked: Asset volume locked for ensuring the order execution.
    You can modify the following order parameters:
  • At Price: Order execution price.
  • Volume: Order volume. If you want to use all available currency volume in the order, tap the Available volume.
  • Visible volume: Order volume visible in Level2.
  • Order expiration:
    • GTD (Good Till Date): The order is valid until the specified date and time unless it has been filled or canceled.
    • GTC (Good Till Canceled): The order is valid until you cancel it unless it has been successfully filled.

Modify orders

You can modify the following order parameters: At PriceVolumeVisible volume, and Order expiration. When you've finished, tap Modify.

Delete orders

You can delete one, all or only orders of a certain type.

  • Delete all selected orders: Tap Delete Selected.
  • Delete orders of a certain type: To delete orders of a certain type, tap Delete, and then select the order type. For example, if you want to delete only Buy Limit orders, tap Delete > Delete Buy Limit Orders among selected. Orders of other types will remain unchanged.
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