Order management

Order management

Orders tab

The Orders tab contains pending orders that are awaiting activation.

  • Order: Unique transaction identification number.
  • Volume Y: Volume of asset Y (second asset in the currency pair) involved in the transaction.
  • Rate X/Y: Exchange rate at which you want the order to be activated.
  • Symbol: Trading instrument.
  • Volume X: Volume of asset X (first asset in the currency pair) involved in the transaction.
  • Limit Price: Limit price.
  • Open Time: Time when the order was placed.
  • Volume X Visible: Volume of asset X visible in the Depth of Market.
  • Type: Order type.
  • Commission: Commission charged for order execution.
  • Expiration: Order expiration time and/or execution type. The order will be executed at the requested rate before the expiration time, or canceled.
  • Locked Amount: Amount of asset X reserved for the pending order.
  • Comments: User comments.

Order Modification window

To open the Order Modification window, do one of the following:

  • Double-click the order on the Orders tab of the Trading window.
  • Right-click the trade level and click Modify or Cancel Order.
  • Double-click  in the Depth of Market.

The Order Modification window also contains a tick chart and Depth of Market data.

You can change the following order parameters:
  • Volume: The volume of pending order. Hover over the field to see the contract size, the range of possible volume values, trade step and commission.
    Check if you have enough balance on the account to change the order parameters.
    Parameters only for TickTrader ECN accounts:
    • Order Locked: The volume of the second asset reserved to ensure the execution of the pending order.
    • Available Balance: Available volume of the second asset. If you do not have enough free balance, the field will be highlighted in red.
  • Open Price: Price at which you want the order to be activated. Hover over the field to see the range of possible price values and price step.
  • The following options affect the volume of the order visible in the Market Depth:
    • Hidden: Select this check box if you do not want to show the order in the Market Depth.
    • Iceberg: Select this check box if you want to show only a portion of the order in the Market Depth. Enter the volume that you want to be displayed in the Depth of Market. The remaining volume is hidden.
      Note: Clear the Hidden/Iceberg check box to make a Hidden or Iceberg order a normal Limit order with no hidden volume.
  • Order execution type:
    • GTC (Good Till Canceled): The order is valid until you cancel it unless it has been successfully filled.
    • GTD (Good Till Date): The order is valid until the specified date and time unless it has been filled or canceled. You can specify the date and time of order expiration using the date picker .
  • Comments: User comments.

Click Modify to modify order parameters.

To delete the order, click Delete.

Order modification using trade levels

Modify order: To change the activation price of a pending order, drag the trade level within the chart area.

Delete order: To delete an order, click  on the trade level.

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