The screens in this article are based on the Android operating system. iOS screens may differ slightly.

News includes the following sections:

  • Live News: Forex news. Tap Details to go the Live Forex Market News page of the FXOpen site.

  • Live Crypto News: Cryptocurrency market news.

  • Company News: Latest FXOpen news. Tap Details to go the Company News page of the FXOpen site.

  • Forex Analytics: Daily forecasts for major currency pairs. Tap Details to go the Forex Market Analysis page of the FXOpen site.

  • Economic Calendar: Economic events and indicators. The expectation of market activity for each trading instrument is shown by the following indicators: HighMediumLow. To set the Number of events in the Economic Calendar, tap Settings .

Note: The news time corresponds to the time zone of your device.

The following features help you efficiently search and filter information in News:

  • You can add news and analytical articles to favorites by selecting the star icon  in the news list or on the article page. To open Favorites, tap  in the appropriate section.
  • To use the search feature, tap Filter .
  • To refresh the list of articles, tap Refresh .
  • To switch between news articles, use arrows  .

Updated: 4 months ago