Log in to FXOpen TickTrader mobile terminal

The screens in this article are based on the Android operating system. iOS screens may differ slightly.

Live TickTrader ECN account

If you have a Live TickTrader ECN account, use the details of an already open account.

If you don't have a Live ECN account, open it in the Client Portal.

You can connect to a trading account using your login and password or by scanning a QR code.

To log in with login and password:

  1. On the Login screen, enter your trading account details:
    • Server: Enter the server name or select it from the list.
    • Username: Enter your trading account number (login).
    • Password: Enter the trader's password. Tap and hold  to display the password text (works only on first login). When you release the button, the password is automatically hidden.
  2. Select the Store credentials check box to save account details on the device.
  3. Tap Login.

To log in by scanning a QR code:

Tap , scan the previously generated QR code of the trading account, and then tap Login.

Note: The list of trading accounts used to log in to the application is displayed on the Accounts screen. To go to this screen, tap Accounts.

Demo ECN TickTrader account

If you want to test the TickTrader application and trade with virtual money, use a Demo ECN trading account.

You can open a Demo ECN account in one the following terminals:

Log in to the terminal as described earlier in this article.

Tip: To change the application language, tap .

Updated: 3 months ago