List of your referrals

To view the list of your referrals, select Partnership → Referrals in the Client Portal.

The data in the table is filtered according to the specified parameters. You can choose the period during which FXOpen clients became your referrals by following your referral link (From and To). If you want to find a specific referral, enter the Main account number or trading account number in the Account field, and then click Show

The following information is displayed for each referral:

  • Short Main account: Short Main account number of the referral.
  • Trading Account: Trading account opened by the referral. 
  • Name: Name of the referral.
  • Country: Country of residence of the referral.
  • Email: Email address of the referral.
  • Grade: Account verification grade passed by the referral. Learn more on the verification procedure.
  • Funded. This parameter shows whether the referral has funded the trading account.
  • Created: Date and time when this FXOpen client became your referral, that is, registered an account by clicking your referral link. You start receiving partner commission from this date.

The filtered data on referrals can be exported to .csv file.

Available to clients of FXOpen UK and FXOpen Markets only.

Updated: 2 months ago