Launching Algo indicators in TickTrader Win Terminal

Launching Algo indicators in TickTrader Win Terminal

If the Ticktrader Win terminal is installed on the same machine on which you compiled the Algo package, then you can see the indicators (that are in the compiled package) in the Indicators List of this terminal.

To add an Algo package to the specific terminal: 
  1. Select the Tools > Open Algo Packages folder menu in the terminal.
    Copy the Algo package (file with .ttalgo extension ) to this folder.

  2. The indicator can be added to the chart from its context menu.

  3. Set the parameters and settings for displaying the indicator and click OK.

  4. Once the indicator has been added, you can change its properties or remove.
    Select Indicators List using the chart context menu (Ctrl+I). You can do the following actions with the selected indicator in the Indicators List dialog:

    • Edit Indicator. Here you can view the indicator's details and edit them ('About', 'Common', 'Inputs', 'Style', 'Levels' tabs).
    • Delete indicator. The indicator will be deleted from the Indicators List.
    • Hide/Show. The indicator will be hidden on the chart window (if 'Hide' selected), and will become visible again (if 'Show' selected). 

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