IP Access List: User Activity, Identity Activity and Black/ White Lists

IP Access List: User Activity, Identity Activity and Black/ White Lists

On the Settings/Profile → Security → IP Access List page in the Client Portal, the following information is displayed:

  • User Activity: History of logins to and logouts of the Client Portal.
  • Black and White lists: Blocked and allowed IP addresses.
  • Identity Activity: List of identities and credentials that were changed by a user in the Client Portal.

User Activity 

Here you can see the history of logouts and logins to the Client Portal and block or unblock IP addresses.

Unsuccessful attempts to log in to the Client Portal are shown in red.

  • Time frame: Set the time frame (Date from – Date to) and click Show.
  • Login information: login date, identity, IP address, device, operating system, browser, domain.

Here you can block or unblock IP addresses:

  • Block: Add an IP address to the blacklist.
  • Unblock: Remove an IP address from the blacklist.

Black and White lists 

Access to the Client Portal and other services can be limited by means of Black and White lists.

  • Black list: Access to the Client Portal is denied to blacklisted IP addresses.
  • White list: Only whitelisted IP addresses are allowed to access the Client Portal. If there are no whitelisted IP addresses, access is possible from any address that is not blacklisted.

You can choose which list to display — Black, White, or all.

To add an IP address to the Black/White list:

  1. Enter the IP address.
  2. Select the list type and click Add.
  3. Confirm the action with your PIN.

To remove an IP address from the Black/White list:

  1. Click Exclude next to the selected address.
  2. Confirm the action with your PIN.

 Be careful while adding IP addresses to the White list or Black list!
If you added our own IP to the Black list or a wrong IP (not yours) to the White list, the access to the Client’s area (and other FXOpen resources) will be blocked for you immediately.
In this case, please contact FXOpen Customer Support (in the ABOUT US > Contact Us section on the website). 

Identity Activity

The ‘Identity Activity’ tab shows all the settings changes that a user performs on the Account SecurityChange PIN Code and Change Password pages.

Actions like PIN code or Password change, or security identities enabling/ disabling in the Client's portal get on the 'Identity Activity' list.

Identity Activity action types:

  • Disabled: option was deactivated (currently not applied)
  • Enabled: option was activated (currently applied)
  • Modified: option was changed (PIN code or eWallet Password changed)

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