Install TickTrader Desktop Terminal

Install TickTrader Desktop Terminal

To install TickTrader Desktop Terminal and Algo Server:

1. Go to the TRADING > Trading Platforms > TickTrader section on FXOpen website and download the installation file of TickTrader Desktop Terminal.

2. Run the downloaded .exe file and follow the Installation Wizard steps. Click Next.

3. Read the License Agreement, select I accept the agreement, and then click Next to proceed to the next installation step.

4. Select the type of install and check the components you want to install (Terminal, Algo Server). Click Next.

5. Select the destination folder where to install the selected components (if necessary), and click Next.

6. Select the installation mode: Normal or Portable. In Normal mode, you can install the terminal only for the current user or for all users to the local computer.
Enter the components shortcut names or leave the default names. Click Install.

7. Wait until the Setup downloads the necessary installation files. When the installation process is complete, click Next.

8. Uncheck the boxes if you don't want to run the application immediately.
Click Finish to exit TickTrader and Algo Server Setup.

9. After successful installation, the application will be launched automatically and a shortcut will be added to the desktop.

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