How it works

How it works

FXOpen Analytics is a financial performance-tracking tool. Professional money managers pay a lot of attention to keeping track of their trading performance. It is impossible to understand your trading by just looking into your MT4 statement. You need more structured data to analyse how effective your trading strategy is, what’s working and what’s not, etc, so that you can fine-tune your trading strategy.

Now this professional tool has been made available to individual traders. It allows you to track and analyse your trading performance like professional money managers do. You can set trading goals and monitor your progress. In-depth analysis helps determine the strong and weak points of your trading style, identify the best currency pairs and time to trade, minimize your risks and increase profits.

You can see the main account statistics such as account type, days of account lifetime, currency, balance and current equity.

Your trading results are displayed in the form of charts and diagrams focusing on the key performance metrics such as profit, equity, gain, drawdown and deposited funds.

Advanced analytics allows you to zoom in and focus on the specific details of trades, their structure and trading results. You can identify most traded pairs, most and least successful trades and average duration and profit/loss per trade.

You can also view and compare your gain by month, so that you can get a broad picture of your trading performance.

FXOpen Analytics also allows you to share your trading results. You can generate a public link to give to third persons so that they can review your trading results. You can place this link in your blog or on your website. You can make full account information available to the general public or choose to hide specific parameters such as your actual trading history or profits.

You can also get a grip of how well you are performing compared to other FXOpen traders using the global ranking. The ranking is based on total gain.

As you build up your confidence, you can open a PAMM account and join the community of Masters so that other traders can follow your strategy and you can receive share of their profits.

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