Gross Account

Gross Account

The following types of trading accounts are available on the TickTrader platform: Net, Gross (Margin) and Cash (Exchange).

Gross and Net accounts are Margin accounts, which means that trading is performed using leverage. Leverage allows you to trade a larger amount of funds than is available on the account.

The key difference between Gross and Net accounts is that on Gross accounts, all positions opened on a financial instrument are separate operations. Each position is a separate record. You can open multiple positions, including opposite ones, on one financial instrument.

On Gross Account:

  • Stop Loss/Take Profit orders and Trailing Stop are available.
  • P/L is calculated separately for each position.
  • You can close positions using the Close position command.
  • When you reverse a position, the current position is closed and the opposite position of the same volume is opened.

 Gross accountNet account
Number of positions on the same financial instrumentManyOne
Opposite positions (Buy and Sell) on the same financial instrument
Increasing position volume
Decreasing position volume
Partial closing of a position decreases its volume. In the Order Modification window, specify a smaller volume and click Close by Market. The specified Trade Volume is closed, and the position remains open with the Remaining Volume.
To decrease the Net position volume, open an opposite position of a smaller volume.
Position reversalTo reverse a position, use the Reverse Trade Position command. The current position is closed and the opposite position of the same volume is opened.To reverse a Net position, open an opposite position of a larger volume.
Closing positionPosition is closed using the Close position command.Net position is closed by opening an opposite position of the same volume.

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