ECN Account Opening

ECN Account Opening

Demo ECN account opening

Please, do the following:

  1. Go to PLATFORMS > Trading Platforms > MT4 on the company's website.

  2. Download and install FXOpen MT4 ECN trading terminal. 

  3. Download and install the One Click Trading & Level 2 plugin (on the same website page).

  4. Start FXOpen MT4 ECN Trading Terminal and One Click Trading Level2 Plugin on your PC.

  5. Choose New demo account and click Next.

  6. Choose FXOpen ECN Demo server and click Next.

  7. Fill in the form and click Next.

You will see the registration details with your account number (login) and password.

To login to MT4 use ECN demo account number (login), trader's password and choose FXOpen-ECN Demo Server.

Live ECN account opening

Click  Add Account → Live Accounts → MT4 - ECN in the Client Portal and fill in the registration form.

Market Depth

A measure of the size of volume available for transaction purposes for a particular instrument at a particular point in time. The best Offer (BID) and the best ASK are displayed in a table with the size available to buy or sell.

In ECN accounts you can view market depth data (the 5 best BID and ASK prices and the volumes available at each price). Download One Click Trading & Level 2 plugin.

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