Deposits and withdrawals via FXOpen eWallet

Deposits and withdrawals via FXOpen eWallet

How to deposit funds via FXOpen eWallet

When you open the eWallet, it has one currency subpocket. You can add additional currency pockets via making a deposit. 

To make a deposit:
  • Select the payment option in the Client Portal.
  • Select the account currency.
  • Select the deposit currency.

Fill in the deposit form and click Add Funds.

The funds will be deposited to the account and a new currency pocket will be created.

You can see all available deposit options in the Add Funds menu in the Client Portal.

How to withdraw funds via a multi-currency eWallet

You can withdraw funds from all your currency pockets of FXOpen eWallet.

The withdrawal currency depends on the payment option that you choose. So that, if the currency of the withdrawal does not correspond the currency pocket from which you want to withdraw, the amount from the pocket will be converted at the indicated rate. You need to confirm the conversion of funds by selecting the I agree, withdraw with conversion check box.

You can check all the currency rates via Transfer → Currency rates history in the Client Portal.

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