Crypto account

DescriptionSpread*Size of 1 lotMin lotDigits1 pip for 1 lot
(in quote currency)
Market Order
Max Slippage 
Stop Order Max  Slippage 
BTCEURBitCoin vs Eurofrom 1 pip1 BTC0.01 Lot30.001 EUR30%/100%15%/50%3%3%
BTCRUBBitCoin vs Russian Rublefrom 1 pip1 BTC0.01 Lot20.01 RUB30%/100%15%/50%3%3%
BTCUSDBitCoin vs US Dollarfrom 1 pip1 BTC0.01 Lot30.001 USD30%/100%15%/50%3%3%
BTCJPYBitCoin vs Japanese Yenfrom 1 pip1 BTC0.01 Lot20.01 JPY30%/100%15%/50%3%3%
BTCCNHBitCoin vs Chinese Offshore Yuanfrom 1 pip1 BTC0.01 Lot20.01 CNH30%/100%15%/50%3%3%
BTCGBPBitCoin vs Great Britain Poundfrom 1 pip1 BTC0.01 Lot30.001 GBP30%/100%15%/50%3%3%
BCHUSDBitCoin Cash vs US Dollarfrom 1 pip1 BCH0.01 Lot30.001 USD30%/100%15%/50%3%3%
BCHBTCBitCoin Cash vs BitCoinfrom 1 pip1 BCH0.01 Lot50.00001 BTC30%/100%15%/50%3%3%
LTCBTCLiteCoin vs BitCoinfrom 1 pip1 LTC0.1 Lot50.00001 BTC30%/100%15%/50%3%
LTCEURLiteCoin vs Eurofrom 1 pip1 LTC0.1 Lot30.001 EUR30%/100%15%/50%3%3%
LTCRUBLiteCoin vs Russian Rublefrom 1 pip1 LTC0.1 Lot30.001 RUB30%/100%15%/50%3%3%
LTCUSDLiteCoin vs US Dollarfrom 1 pip1 LTC0.1 Lot30.001 USD30%/100%15%/50%3%3%
LTCJPYLiteCoin vs Japanese Yenfrom 1 pip1 LTC0.1 Lot20.01 JPY30%/100%15%/50%3%3%
LTCCNHLiteCoin vs Chinese Offshore Yuanfrom 1 pip1 LTC0.1 Lot20.01 CNH30%/100%15%/50%3%3%
ETHUSDEthereum vs US Dollarfrom 1 pip1 ETH0.1 Lot30.001 USD30%/100%15%/50%3%
ETHBTCEthereum vs BitCoinfrom 1 pip1 ETH0.1 Lot50.00001 BTC30%/100%15%/50%3%
ETHLTCEthereum vs LiteCoinfrom 1 pip1 ETH0.1 Lot50.00001 LTC30%/100%15%/50%3%
ETHRUBEthereum vs Russian Rublefrom 1 pip1 ETH0.1 Lot30.001 RUB30%/100%15%/50%3%3%
ETHJPYEthereum vs Japanese Yenfrom 1 pip1 ETH0.1 Lot20.01 JPY30%/100%15%/50%3%3%
ETHCNHEthereum vs Chinese Offshore Yuanfrom 1 pip1 ETH0.1 Lot20.01 CNH30%/100%15%/50%3%3%
ETHEUREthereum vs Eurofrom 1 pip1 ETH0.1 Lot30.001 EUR30%/100%15%/50%3%3%
ETCBTCEthereum Classic vs BitCoinfrom 1 pip1 ETC0.1 Lot50.00001 BTC30%/100%15%/50%3%3%
EOSBTC EOS vs BitCoinfrom 1 pip1 EOS1 Lot50.00001 BTC30%/100%15%/50%3%3%
EOSUSDEOS vs US Dollarfrom 1 pip1 EOS1 Lot30.001 USD30%/100%15%/50%3%3%
EOSEUREOS vs Eurofrom 1 pip1 EOS1 Lot30.001 EUR30%/100%15%/50%3%3%
EOSJPYEOS vs Japanese Yenfrom 1 pip1 EOS1 Lot20.01 JPY30%/100%15%/50%3%3%
EOSGBPEOS vs Great Britain Poundfrom 1 pip1 EOS1 Lot30.001 GBP30%/100%15%/50%3%3%
DSHBTCDashcoin vs BitCoinfrom 1 pip1 DSH0.1 Lot50.00001 BTC30%/100%15%/50%3%
DSHUSDDashcoin vs US Dollarfrom 1 pip1 DSH0.1 Lot30.001 USD30%/100%15%/50%3%
DSHCNHDashcoin vs Chinese Offshore Yuanfrom 1 pip1 DSH0.1 Lot20.01 CNH30%/100%15%/50%3%3%
EMCUSDEmercoin vs US Dollarfrom 1 pip1 EMC20 Lot50.00001 USD30%/100%15%/50%3%3%
EMCBTCEmercoin vs BitCoinfrom 1 pip1 EMC20 Lot50.00001 BTC30%/100%15%/50%3%3%
XRPBTC Ripple vs BitCoinfrom 1 pip1 XRP10 Lot50.00001 BTC30%/100%15%/50%10%10%
XRPUSD Ripple vs US Dollarfrom 1 pip1 XRP 10 Lot50.00001 USD30%/100%15%/50%10%10%
XRPEUR Ripple vs Eurofrom 1 pip1 XRP10 Lot50.00001 EUR30%/100%15%/50%10%10%
IOTBTC IOTA vs BitCoinfrom 1 pip1 IOT50 Lot50.00001 BTC30%/100%15%/50%10%10%
XMRBTC Monero vs BitCoinfrom 1 pip1 XMR0.1 Lot50.00001 BTC30%/100%15%/50%10%10%
NEOBTC NEO vs BitCoinfrom 1 pip1 NEO0.1 Lot50.00001 BTC 30%/100%15%/50%10%10%
NMCBTCNameCoin vs BitCoinfrom 1 pip1 NMC10 Lot50.00001 BTC30%/100%15%/50%10%10%
NMCUSDNameCoin vs US Dollarfrom 1 pip1 NMC10 Lot30.001 USD30%/100%15%/50%3%3%
OMNBTC OMNI vs BitCoinfrom 1 pip1 OMN10 Lot50.00001 BTC30%/100%15%/50%3%3%
PPCBTCPeerCoin vs BitCoinfrom 1 pip1 PPC10 Lot50.00001 BTC30%/100%15%/50%0,030,03
PPCUSDPeerCoin vs US Dollarfrom 1 pip1 PPC10 Lot30.001 USD30%/100%15%/50%10%10%

* Floating spreads depending on market liquidity and volatility.

** Margin Call: 30% margin call level for 1:3 leverage accounts and 100% margin call level for 1:10 leverage accounts.

*** Stop Out: 15% stop out level for 1:3 leverage accounts and 50% stop out level for 1:10 leverage accounts.

**** Trading on the following instruments is limited to “Close Only” (positions can only be closed) mode: ETHLTC, ETHRUB, NMCUSD, NMCBTC, BTCRUB, LTCRUB, PPCUSD, PPCBTC, BTCCNH, LTCCNH, ETHCNH, EMCBTC, EMCUSD, DSHCNH, IOTBTC, OMNBTC.

Swap – a charge that is incurred by Customers who move their positions to the next trading session – is applied on Crypto accounts.

Swap size: 10% per annum of the value of an open position.

Swap calculation:
First, the amount of borrowed funds is calculated based on current prices, and then it is multiplied by the annual interest. Since swaps are calculated and charged every day at the end of the trading session, the calculated amount of the annual interest for the position is divided by 360. If the total amount needs to be converted to the deposit currency, the conversion is carried out at the average price at the moment of charging the swap: (Bid+Ask)/2. The same method of calculating the average price is used in the formula of the "current average price".


Your trading account currency is USD. You opened a Buy BTCUSD position, 2 lots at 8050.00 USD per 1 BTC.
SWAP is calculated as follows:

Overnight from Wednesday to Thursday a triple SWAP is charged (for Saturday and Sunday).

Updated: 7 months ago