Competition parameters

Competition parameters

Depending on the level of a competition and its type, the competition can be characterized by the following parameters.

Competition details

  • Guaranteed prize - prize money guaranteed by FXOpen. *If the prize fund, formed from the entry fees of participants will be less than the amount indicated in the "Guaranteed Prize" field, the company will increase the prize fund to the needed amount.
  • Bonus  - additional bonus provided by FXOpen. 
  • Entry fee - the amount of money (USD) a trader is required to pay to take part in the paid competition (Level 2).
  • Commission - the commission in %, charged by FXOpen of the amount of the prize fund, but only if it exceeds the amount specified in the "Guaranteed prize" field.
  • Prize fund - the entry fees paid by all participants of the Level 2 competitions form the competition prize fund.


  • Place - prize place.
  • Prize - a fixed percentage of guaranteed prize or prize fund paid to competition winner/ winners.


  • Registration - Start Date/ End Date, the date and the time when the registration for this competition starts/ends.
  • Competition - Start Date/ End Date, the date and the time when this competition starts/ends.

Prize conditions

  • Trades quantity - the minimum quantity of closed trades necessary for prize receiving. 
  • Min. value - the minimum total trade value (in lots) necessary for prize receiving.

Bonus receiving conditions

  • Profit bonus - the bonus fund, maximum allowable bonus amount intended for the competition most successful traders. 
  • Min. profit per user - the percentage by which a trader should increase the initial balance to receive a profit bonus. 

Bonus withdrawal conditions

  • Min. trades - the minimum required quantity of closed trades after the bonus has been transferred to your trading account.
  • Min. trade time - the minimum required duration of a trade (in minutes).
  • Block days - a required number of days during which a withdrawal of profit from a trader's trading account is prohibited. 


  • Initial balance - the starting amount of virtual money that is added to the participant’s demo account.
  • Min. lot size - the minimum trade volume (in lot) that can be used for trading in the competition.
  • Max. lot size - the maximum trade volume (in lot) that can be used for trading in the competition.
  • Expert advisors - this parameter specifies if using Expert Advisors is allowed in this competition or not. *A trader can use expert advisors only if it is allowed by competition requirements. If unauthorized use of the expert advisers has been uncovered, the trader will be suspended from participation, will receive 1 Loss point and -100% of Total Profit.
  • Leverage - the borrowed to own funds ratio, virtual borrowed funds that increase trade turnover (1:100 mainly, for crypto-currencies - 1:3). 
  • Max. opponent trade -  the maximum allowed quantity of simultaneous active orders.

Available pairs

  • Available trading instruments - currency pairs or other instruments (e.g. gold or silver) that can be traded in this competition. 

 List of members

  • Place - a trader's place in the 'list of members' determined on the basis of the maximum profit value. 
  • Name - a trader's name (or Display name).
  • Country - a trader's place of residence. 
  • Account - a demo account for trading created for a particular competition.  
  • Profit, % - the gained profit for all the period of participation in a competition. 
  • Today profit - the gained profit during the current day. 
  • Trades - a number of trades performed by a trader.
  • Balance - a trader's current balance.
  • Equity - a trader's current equity. 
  • Bonus - a bonus for profit gained in the competition. The higher the profit, the bigger the bonus.

When viewing a competition with the "Running" status 'List of members' displays intermediate data competition at the current time. The final results of the competition will appear in the table at the expiration of 48 hours after its completion. Profit bonus will be calculated according to the profit earned during participation in the competition.

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