Commissions & Bonuses

Commissions on STP to open/ close a trade 

 In STP accounts the broker's trading commission is included into the spread. The spread is floating and depends on the buy and sell orders available in FXOpen ECN.

Maintenance Fee to keep inactive STP accounts 

If a client does not access his/her trading account by 'logging on' via the Platform using his account number and password and/or there are no deposits to/withdrawals from the trading account for any period of 90 days, then after those 90 days the account will be deemed 'Inactive' and will be placed to archive.

The Company charges inactive STP accounts for placement and maintenance in the archive with the maintenance fee in the per month amount of $10.00. The maintenance fee is automatically deducted from the balance of the inactive account. When there are insufficient funds, the Company may deduct the maintenance fee from the other trading accounts or Main account held by the client. 

Inactive account can be re-activated on request, upon condition of the full repayment of the client's debt (if any) to the Company. Re-activation Fee is $50.00.

Bonuses on STP

FXOpen does not offer bonuses for STP account at the moment.
You can follow our PROMOS on the company's website (available to clients of FXOpen Markets only).

Updated: 2 months ago