Two charts are present on the Gain tab. Total gain chart (line chart) shows daily gain changes (without assignments/revocations).

Daily gain chart (column chart) shows the changes in account Equity from a previous Rollover to a Current Rollover. Daily gain chart displays only trading result (without assignments/revocations).

When calculating the statistics the following parameters will be set to zero if two conditions are fulfilled:

1. Account is funded

2. Account gain the time of deposit is less than -90%.

Parameters: Total Gain, Max Total Gain, Max Relative Gain, Total Profit, Max Total Profit, Drawdown, Max Drawdown, Max Drawdown Funds, Recovery Factor, Calmar Ratio, ROR.


The Equity tab shows the daily Equity changes of the account (with assignments/revocations). The column blue chart shows the change of account Equity from the Following Rollover to the Current Rollover with assignments/revocations and fees.

Exposure Level

The Exposure Level tab shows the percentage of margin used for opening positions to the equity. The chart shows Exposure Level at Rollover time. The Exposure Level is calculated by the following formula:


The Drawdown tab shows a percentage of losses to the maximum equity of account. The calculation is carried out at Rollover.


The Profit tab shows the closed P&L of account from the Following Rollover to the Current Rollover.

Net Assignment

The Net Assignment tab shows all balanced (assignment/revocation) operations on account.

Advanced Statistics

The window Advanced Statistics provides detailed information on trades, their structure and trading results.

The Trades tab contains the following information:

  • Total Trades - the total number of trades.
  • Profitability - the ratio of profitable/losing trades.
  • Points - the total number of gained and lost pips.
  • Average Win - an average profit per trade.
  • Average Loss - an average loss per trade.
  • Average Order Duration - an average duration of the trade.
  • Longs Won - the number and the percentage of profitable long trades.
  • Shorts Won - the number and the percentage of profitable short trades.
  • Best Trade - the best trade in pips and in account currency with dates when they were made.
  • Worst Trade - the worst trade in pips and in account currency with dates when they were made.
  • Profit Factor – shows how many times the gross profit (sum of all the winning trades) exceeds the gross loss (sum of all the losing trades).
  • Recovery Factor – shows ratio of the current profit to the maximum drawdown.
  • Expectancy – shows what you can expect to make on every trade (win or lose).
  • Sharpe Ratio – shows measure of the excess return per unit of risk in an investment asset.
  • Sortino Ratio - shows ratio between received return and the experienced downside risk.
  • Calmar Ratio - shows the ability of a trading system to recover from losses.


The Summary tab displays the information about trades (short/long, total) is displayed for each currency pair separately.


The Statements tab displays the Statements tab contains a detailed trading history.


The Duration tab displays dependence of the gained profit (in percent) on the duration of the transaction.

Monthly Analytics

The Monthly Analytics window allows you to estimate account activity by months. YTD – it is year-to-date gain. Year-to-date is a period, starting from the beginning of the current year, and continuing up to the present day.

The first column chart shows Monthly Gain in per cents for the current year.

The Monthly Gain column chart shows monthly gain for the current year.

The Currencies pair popularity chart shows the percentage of trades made in different currency pairs.

The Rewards risk ratio chart shows the profit loss ratio, i. e. an average trade profitability for each currency pairs.

The Average Holding Time chart shows average trade duration for each currency pair and trade type (long/short).

Updated: 3 months ago