CFD - Pip value

CFD - Pip value

The pip value for CFDs  is calculated using the following formula:


  • K — Profit Currency (second currency in the symbol) to Deposit Currency conversion rate.
  • Volume — volume of position in lots.
  • Lot Size — number of ounces, barrels or commodity units in one lot.
  • Digits — number of decimal places.


  • Trade: #UK100
  • Conversion rate (K): 1.6127
  • Volume: 1  lot
  • Lot Size: 1
  • Digits: 1

Pip value: 1.61  (USD)


  • Trade: US Crude
  • Conversion rate (K): 1
  • Volume: 1  lot
  • Lot Size: 1
  • Digits: 2

Pip value: 10 (USD)

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