About TickTrader Desktop Terminal

TickTrader Desktop Terminal is an all-in-one trading application that combines professional tools with a fully customizable interface. It has high-level functionality and provides access to trading Forex, metals, CFDs and cryptocurrency instruments with low latency.

The terminal allows you to open multiple chart windows, trade in one or two clicks, access the Depth of Market (Level2 quotes) and view the tape of recent transactions for each trading instrument (T&S).

With TickTrader Desktop Terminal, you can:

  • Trade Forex, metals, CFD, and cryptocurrency instruments. The Terminal supports both margin and exchange trading.
  • Open various types of orders, including IOC and Iceberg.
  • Trade in one-click or double-click mode.
  • View the Depth of Market Level2 pricing.
  • Save personalized layouts of the Terminal workspace. A user-friendly interface allows you to personalize the Terminal windows according to your preferences.
  • View real-time charts. You can select the chart type, time frame, and other chart properties.
  • Use efficient tools for technical analysis, including trend indicators, oscillators, volatility measures, and lines.
  • Create and test algorithmic strategies and custom indicators.
  • View recent transactions in the Time & Sales tape.
  • Download and analyze logs and quote history directly in the Terminal.

How do I get started?

1. Install TickTrader Desktop Terminal (see TRADING > Trading Platforms > TickTrader section on FXOpen website).

2. Open a TickTrader ECN trading account.

3. Log in to the Terminal and start trading.

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