About Neteller

About Neteller

NETELLER is a digital wallet that offers you the safety and convenience of paying online just with your email address and password. You can upload and withdraw your funds whenever you need them and use them at your favorite websites.
When you pay with Neteller, all your sensitive financial details are kept hidden from the recipient. In addition, the latest fraud prevention technologies are used to protect the users. Your account login, personal details and all money transactions are protected using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology with high security 128-bit encryption, certified by VeriSign. 
Using the Neteller digital wallet makes payments quicker and easier than ever. There is no need to carry all your payment details around or repeatedly type them in, as you can store them securely in your account. 

Once you register and verify your Neteller account, you can receive a payment or make a deposit to start moving your money.
With your Neteller account you can:
  • Benefit from the fastest and cheapest option to pay various merchants.
  • Manage your money wisely.
  • Send funds to friends or relatives.
  • Receive money from friends, relatives or colleagues, as well as monthly payments from employers or for any contract or freelance work you've undertaken.
  • Receive your winnings from a wide range of gaming merchants.
  • Have instant access to your funds in cash via the Net+ Card for EEA residents.
  • Make international transfers at local rates.
  • Earn rewards and take advantage of discounts with multiple retailers.
Neteller offers payment processing services in all countries except the countries listed in the Non-Serviced countries section.
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