About FXOpen Analytics

About FXOpen Analytics

This is a financial performance-tracking tool that was formerly only used by professional PAMM Masters.

FXOpen Analytics helps you track and analyze your trading performance like professional money managers, allowing you to set trading goals and monitor your progress. In-depth analysis helps determine the strong and weak points of your trading style, identify the best currency pairs and time to trade, minimize your risks and increase profits.

Your trading results are displayed in charts and diagrams focusing on key performance metrics such as profit, equity, gain, drawdown and deposited funds. FXOpen Analytics also allows you to share your trading results. You can generate a public link to give to other people so that they can review your trading results. The public link can be used in a blog or on the website to promote your trading strategy.

You can also get a grip of how well you are performing compared to other FXOpen traders using the global rankings based on the total gain. As you gain in confidence, you can open a PAMM account.

You can access FXOpen Analytics via https://analytics.fxopen.com/ (FXOpen Markets) and https://analytics.fxopen.co.uk/ (UK) or by clicking the diagram icon  next to your trading account number in the Client Portal.
Available to clients of FXOpen UK and FXOpen Markets only.

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