About Epay

About Epay

Epay is a secure, fast and low-cost global payment provider.
Epay focuses on providing comprehensive financial services such as online deposit and withdrawal service, online payment, currency exchange, and global remittance. Epay has a total of 1000,000 global users and more than 150 cooperative banks and financial institutions, connecting with all major financial regions of the world.

How to start?

  1. Create your account for free with no minimum amount.
  2. Deposit to your wallet using any method available.
  3. Save, send, withdraw or exchange your money whenever you need.

Visit epay.com for any additional information or look through the FAQ.

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      To make a deposit via Epay: Select  Add Funds → Electronic payments → Epay in the Client Portal menu. Fill in the form: To: Select the account to which you want to make a deposit (eWallet or a trading account). Currency: For eWallet, select the ...
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