About Advanced Cash

Advanced Cash (AdvCash) is a payment system that allows to send electronic payments to 200+ countries. The service supports transactions to VISA/MasterCard cards, Advanced Cash e-wallets and email addresses.

Advanced Cash e-wallet is easy to fund: you can use one of the numerous exchange services, Bitcoin, bank transfer, e-currencies and pre-paid codes. The system provides a cheap and convenient way of sending international transfers in 4 available currencies (USD, GBP, EUR, and RUB). With Advanced Cash, you can benefit from competitive exchange rates and low fees. If the payee does not have an Advanced Cash account yet, you can use his email address instead.

Advanced Cash offers a special branded virtual or plastic Advanced Cash MasterCard issued in USD or EUR. It’s a unique opportunity to carry out secure transactions at a $0 fee.

The benefits of using Advanced Cash:

  • Robust security system
  • Affiliate program
  • Wide range of partner exchange services and solution providers
  • Mass payouts for Business account holders

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Updated: 4 months ago